Let´s move to the Future!

You are facing the task of digital transformation in your company. We have experienced in many projects that the following points are essential for success:

  • How do you engage people in this transfer process?
  • How do you integrate the new solutions seamlessly into your value chains and existing IT systems, and how do you ensure full agility and interoperability?
  • How do you preserve or even expand your entrepreneurial freedom of action and decision-making?

Your Choice

Already with the selection of your partners and the concrete software technologies for the digital transformation you set the course for answering these questions.

In particular, the issue of dependency on software manufacturers and platform operators is the focus of public debate. This also increasingly under the aspect of the question of the right of ownership and use of the relevant data. There is a legitimate fear of becoming completely dependent on a few globally active companies.

What we offer

We at actnconnect have developed the Internet of Actors for you. It consists of

  • the Actorsphere a Smart Actor Operating System (SMAOS) and
  • the self-coordinating software building blocks.

The interoperability of each software building block, the Smart Actor, is an essential architectural and performance feature. This has created a new infrastructure for the creation and operation of software, an Smart Interoperability Network - we call it Internet of Actors.

The interoperability of our system will greatly reduce your dependency on specific manufacturers. We further support this through our guidelines:

  • "The winner takes it all" business principle will be replaced by a model of cooperation based on the "win-win" principle of a community.
  • We are pushing hard to standardize the Smart Actors and build a community of Internet of Actors.

Get to know the Internet of Actors and what motivates us to go for it…

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