Customers, Players, Coaches, Owners: The Community.

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The Community of the Internet of Actors

Participation is the focus of our actions, and this also applies to our business model. This results in the task of

cooperation instead of confrontation

Our modular concept with its architecture-based interoperability and the clear assignment of ownership for each Smart Actor turns competitors into partners. A new level playing field in the software industry emerges.

The democratic Structure

We are building a community according to the democratic principle. According to their strengths and knowledge, all members should be able to easily realize and use the diversity of the required business choreographies and find the optimal business conditions for their business concept. Each service provided by a member is compensated. The community consists of users, producers, owners and business choreographers. Anyone in this community can take on any of these roles if they are qualified.

The members of the community design, change and control their own principles (participation). These are topics such as rules, standardization, SLAs and billing.

Ownership and Use

The owner of a Smart Actor (e. g. the producer) offers the use of the Smart Ator via marketplaces. Choreographers use the business and service actors to create business choreographies. Customers use the business choreographies as software for their tasks and pay for every use of a Smart Actor. The Community charges the usage fees and distributes – according to the transparent rules of the community – the revenue to the owners/producers (for the development and service of the Smart Actor), the business choreographers (for the individual solution design) and actnconnect itself for the infrastructure (Actorsphere, Marketplace).

The Advantages

The users’ IT spending is 100% synchronized with their business success. The interoperability of each individual Smart Actor significantly reduces user dependency on individual manufacturers. The customers receive a better service than a single provider can deliver.

For the global community the digital economic space of this Interoperability Network will be the democratic alternative to the platform economy, Open Source or Open API initiatives.

Producers of business actors and business choreographers are now in a position to create new business models with business choreographies, using Smart Actors from others to provide comprehensive, market-ready solutions faster. The more a member uses the community, the greater his or her contribution to the success of the community and thus also his or her result.

Pioneers wanted

Who is needed now: for the development of Smart Actors primarily software companies, for business choreographies mainly consulting firms, and as catalysts investors, politicians and lobbyists. Customers are companies of any size and industry that use IT systems.

“If you share our values and goals, we invite you to join us in building the Smart Interoperability Network.”

Reinhard Gniza, CEO, actnconnect

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