Let`s explain - discover the Internet of Actors

Let`s explain –
discover the Internet of Actors

Smart Interoperability Network –
The Internet of Actors

Felix Gniza and Floooooo Strecker present the next evolutionary step in the standardization of communication: the interoperability of software applications. With this, the development of a global Smart Interoperability Network can now be initiated.
We believe that for the global community the digital economic space of this Smart Interoperability Network will be the democratic alternative to the platform economy, Open Source or Open API initiatives.
We call such global Smart Interoperability Network the ‘Internet of Actors‘.

Download Whitepaper: Interoperability Network

The Internet of Actors –
A Peer-to-Peer Agile Value Creation Network

Reinhard Gniza and Floooooo Strecker from actnconnect present a methodology, a modular concept and the foundation
of the Internet of Actors (IoA). The IoA will reduce complexity, programming
efforts and unclear interfaces while creating an Smart Interoperability Network. It is
going to be an enabler for agile, decentralized, self-coordinating value creation
networks, acting as catalyst for the Internet of Things, Digital Transformation
and Industry 4.0.

Download Whitepaper: The Internet of Actors

The History of the 21st Century –
From Intra-Communication to the Internet of Actors

by Alexander Markowetz

Looking back on twenty years of IT, any verdict must remain undecided. On the one hand, Consumer-IT has experienced massive progress, from shopping platforms to apps. On the other hand, Business-It has continued to focus on intra-company communication. To this day, transactions across company borders continue to be conducted via e-mail, web-interfaces or handcrafted APIs.
This talk embarks on this startling observation and asks what Business-IT requires to experience a similar breakthrough. The missing ingredient – as it turns out – is Interoperability: the ability for IT systems to communicate directly over standardized interfaces. The talk ends with a big picture of the emerging Internet of Actors, its layers, concepts and mechanics.
More information about Alexander Markowetz: http://markowetz.de/

The presentations were recorded at BIS 2019 (22nd international conference on Business Information Systems) & Subject-oriented Business Process Management (S-BPM ONE 2019) international conferences in Seville, Spain.
The whitepapers were published first in: Lederer, Betz, Elstermann (Eds.): WS@S-BPM ONE 2019, CEUR Workshop Proceedings 2388, http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2388/