The players - important part of the game: The Smart Actors.

Let´s play –
meet the Smart Actors

The self-coordinating modular concept as an enabler

The building block is the Actor as a digital software assistant with its behaviour and its communication to other Actors. There are two types of Actors available:


The Business-Actors with user interfaces and the fully automatic Service-Actors. In order for the building block to contain all the information necessary to perform all tasks fully independent, its behavior has to be comprehensively modelled. We call the semantics of this modelling language Internet of Actors Notation (IoAN).

On this basis, we have built our standardized SW building block infrastructure at application level as self-coordinating Smart Actors. This means that software applications with a focus on participation, decentralization, interoperability and agility can be implemented economically, quickly and extremely easily at any time.


The reduction of complexity

Programming becomes modeling, and the described Smart Actors can be executed immediately.
The only thing that is needed to assemble the Smart Actors is application knowledge. We call this process business-choreography.

A business choreography corresponds to a cross-company value-creation network, Smart Services, a business logic, a business process, a workflow or a classic software application.

Each Smart Actor can be used in any number of business choreographies. After the business actors have been put together into business choreographies, managers in the department, for example, assign the business actors to the persons who can now be actively supported by these digital assistants.

Experience changes the agile way

The distribution of tasks can now be relocated between persons and companies at any time and with immediate effect. In addition, this change is always traceable.

It is also easy to change a business choreography without having to edit the complete business choreography. It is enough to update, exchange or add a single Smart Actor.

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