Let's change the game to the Internet of Actors

Let`s change the game –
join the Internet of Actors

Challenges for the digital society and the software industry

In our society, social life is based on individual rights as well as on the rights and obligations of society. The principle of subsidiarity ensures that decisions are always taken in the smallest unit when it is able to do so. Thus, an essential core of every democratic society and every company is the involvement and participation of its members.

“That is why we place participation at the centre of our actions.”

Reinhard Gniza, CEO, actnconnect

People and societies want to seize the opportunities of digitization and actively participate in it. Since today’s IT workflows and systems are too complicated, the IT industry now has the task of implementing societal requirements and offering economic solutions that meet the needs of active participation. We are convinced that these solutions consist of globally standardized, but not uniform, software-based business models.

The change of perspective in IT

What are the requirements for software supporting active participation? These are essentially

In order to meet these requirements, we offer a fundamental paradigm shift in IT.

“We are convinced that the focus should no longer be on data/objects, but on smart actors. This paradigm shift is the foundation for the Smart Interoperability Network, the Internet of Actors.”

Florian Strecker, CTO, actnconnect

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